When Coronavirus first hit, the events industry went into free fall. Pretty much every function and event was cancelled over night. Many event bookers closed down and furloughed their staff as the very thought of booking any entertainment went out of the window - because, how could you hold any sort of entertainment with so many people dying and jobs being lost, let alone the logistics of it? I also think that most people thought that it would only last for a couple of months and that things would get back to normal by September at latest. 
Three months on and things are starting to change… 
It is clear that events on any scale are not going to be happening for a long while yet, only this week Cameron Macintosh has announced that his theatres aren’t going to be opening until 2021. Over the past couple of months people have become more used to communicating remotely using Zoom and other platforms, and companies have realised the need to hold regular get togethers with their workforce, many of whom are working at home to keep the feeling of comradeship and team bonding going. 
Families and friends too wanted to speak to each other and many now hold weekly get togethers on Zoom. 
Zoom quizzes and virtual pubs were the obvious first choice, but most people now seem to be quizzed out. So with that in mind, I have had look around at what is available (apart from myself, of course) and have a few ideas for your Zoom get togethers: 
1. Body Rap 
Before the meeting date, delegates are briefed to have colourful rubber gloves to hand. Participants join the activity with an online conferencing tool like zoom or Microsoft teams. They are introduced to the activity and embark on a series of body sound exercises guided by a charismatic conductor. Once introduced and warmed up, they put on their colourful washing gloves, or nearest equivalent improvised at home. The conductor then leads them up and out of their seats, stomping, body slapping and vocalising in unison. Energy levels are instantly raised, easing the path for productive communication in the meeting ahead. The activity can be extended to 20 minutes and will end in smiles and peals of laughter with participants enthused connected and ready to focus on the meeting ahead. Check it out here 
2. The Go Game 
Games takes only 45 minutes and players will be guided through a variety of game types to keep the energy moving and provides an opportunity for everyone to shine. 
Game types include: 
Buzz In Pub Trivia 
Giphy Challenge 
Pictionary Drawing 
Head-to-Head Social Games 
Fun Fact Match 
Live Polling and Voting 
During the game the Go Game host DJ’s music, points out highlights and provides topical commentary. The results are side-splitting and engaging as players can vote on everyone’s submissions to determine the final outcome. For more information click here 
3. The Haka 
An inspiring display of strength and pride, the ancient haka war dance has been used for centuries to unite tribes and challenge opponents; making it a highly effective team activity used to boost energy and ignite enthusiasm. 
Inspired by the Maori people, prepare to exercise your facial expressions! A passionate, action packed delivery of movement and vocals, encourage self expression and motivate delegates. 
Led by the charismatic host. They will get everyone up on their feet and full of energy (even if they are in their home)! This can be done in larger or smaller groups. 
This activity lends itself to being recorded and stitched together with the other groups they can be shown back at future date. 
for more information click here 
4. Juggling 
Learning to juggle is great fun and can be done at home safely with balled up socks. Steve Faulkner is a good friend of mine, a brilliant magician, teacher and trainer. He was also one of the top buskers in London for many years. 
Get in touch with him here to find out how he can teach your team to juggle in a fun session. 
5. Virtual Escape Room 
Teams must solve a range of tasks, puzzles and challenges delivered via an app, to escape the rooms in the quickest time possible. This can be experienced as a fully-hosted event, or as a self-run option. Whether there are 2 of you playing or 1000+, the clock starts ticking when you start your game and time shows no favouritism! Can you Escape the Rooms in the fastest time? 
There are two different ways to experience the Virtual Escape Room. 
Play exclusively with your internal colleagues and teams to reconnect your people. 
Take on an even bigger challenge and enter their ‘Smartest Team Tournament’! Created for corporate businesses to see how they rank against other companies; your company will be ranked based on how smart you and your colleagues are and how fast you can escape the room! View your scores on a leader board against your peers and competitors and if you think you’ve got what it takes to win, they will send each winner a medal, certificate and mini champagne to celebrate with! Check it out here 
6. Virtual Cariacaturist 
Another good friend of mine, Rick Coleman is a brilliant caricaturist who I have worked with many times. He is now able to do this virtually - Rick can join your event and draw branded e-caricatures for your sponsors or clients. Five minutes to draw, 2 seconds to email. Find out more here. 
7. Infinite Loop 
In this team building activity, your team is called to help solve a special secret mission. The night before the game, a young man was trying on a new headset he bought and was suddenly absorbed into the virtual world of the game. 
Your team’s mission is to go back and forth between the virtual and real worlds, finding clues and solving puzzles in order to help the young man escape. One at a time team members enter the virtual world and must describe what they see in that world, while their teammates in the real world look for clues and solutions to unlock different doors of different rooms. Find out more here 
8. Virtual Mindreading Show 
A 25 minute show delivered straight to your computer, laptop or phone. Interactive and different. 
Reading minds, making predictions and other weird stuff, this is great fun and will bring gasps of astonishment and laugher to your meetings. Suitable for all sizes of groups. 
Great for team get togethers, training days, but also birthdays, anniversaries or family and friend get togethers. 
Find out more here 
I Hope this has been of interest will help for when trying to sort out something different for your next zoom get together. 
Please feel free to share 
Stay safe 
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