Sam Gil, CEO of Story Events and Venue Search London wrote a really interesting article this week on his predictions on what this year's Christmas parties are going to look like, so I thought I would add my comments to what he wrote - you can read the original article here

Virtual Parties 

There is no doubt that Chistmas is going to look a little different this year. 2020 was the year of the virtual Xmas party where companies that were able to offer an online service saw a huge demand for bookings. Personally I had a very busy December and thanks to the virtue of being able to fit in many bookings in on one day had an incredible month, with at times 6 shows in a day with literally 10-15 minutes turnaround. I don't think we will ever see anything like this again.... 
Sam thinks that under 3% of Christmas Parties this year will be virtual. And whilst I think that everyone will want to be getting together in person, virtual parties are still a great way of getting staff and clients who live in different locations together. I think that prior to the covid outbreak this wouldn't have even been considered, but now this could be a great option in addition to the in person event. 
Mindreading is a great option for virtual events - find out more here 


With current regulations and the perceived risk of cross contamination, we are unlikely to see many queues for the buffet this year. Bowl food and well spaced canape trays are a good compromise for an informal function, but we could also see a preference for sit down meals as well. Walkabout mindreading is a great entertainment option for a stand up, drinks and canape event - it is unusual, interactive and engaging, creating memories that last long after the last canape has been swallowed! To find out about my walkabout mindreading option click here

Christmas Lunches 

Another major change could be a resurgence of daytime events which would reduce alchohol intake and enable attendees to get home at a more reasonable hour. However, I anticipate that there will still be a great demand for some sort of entertainment at these events, but I think that this will more likely be something that the guests can watch and take part in, rather than a party band. These lunchtime and afternoon functions could also follow on from a company update, or morning conference. 
An after dinner show is great for these type of parties. With plenty audience participation and loads of "wow" moments, the show is flexible and can be perfomed in almost any environment and for any size audience, from a small group of 10 in a private room in a restaurant to hundreds in a large venue. To find out more, click here 
Dates are filling fast, so don't leave it too late to ensure you get the time and date you want. 
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