Are you back from your summer holidays and now need to get your planning head in gear for your big day next year? Here is a simple check list for you to follow over the coming months. 
Anyone who has been through this process will tell you, there is a lot to do, starting with some of the major decisions that have to be made at least a year ahead to the smaller decisions that can have a significant impact on the success or failure of your wedding day. 
If you have friends and family who are asking to help, don’t be afraid to delegate some of the tasks. This is a long list of things to do and you will be grateful for the help along the way. 
12 months to go to your wedding day 
• Decide on a date 
• Decide how and where you want to get married, if it’s in the UK or abroad. 
• Book the church or venue where you want to be married if you have decided on a traditional ceremony. 
• If you are going to do something out of the box, then make sure you have enough time for the arrangements. 
• Start to work on your budget. If you are going to get any help from family, agree how much as soon as you can so you know what you are working towards. 
• Decide on the guest list for the wedding and then the evening reception (if its going to be different) 
• Once you have made these decisions – send out save the date cards to your guest list. 
• Decide on Best Man and Maid of Honour and bridesmaids and groomsmen, book the dates in their diaries 
• Before you spend out any money or put down deposits, research wedding insurance, there are plenty of options available, Money saving expert has done an excellent article on wedding insurance  
11 months to go 
• If you are working with a wedding planner you won’t need the rest of this list, but if you are planning your own wedding, this is going to be essential for the next 11 months. 
• Once the venue has been confirmed start to look at booking taster menus, 
• Plan the entertainment for the day, how are you going to keep your guests busy when you are having the photos taken? 
• If you are having a traditional wedding and the ceremony is in a different place than the reception, get your timings sorted and decide on how you and your guests are going to travel between the venues. 
• Research wedding photographers and videographers if you have the budget available. 
• Set up a WhatsApp group for everyone who is helping and maybe a Pinterest group where ideas can be shared. 
10 months to go 
• Book in appointments to start to look for your wedding dress and then follow up appointments for your bridesmaids. Decide if you are going to stay in your dress all day and all evening. 
• Book appointments for the groom, best man, and groomsmen to start to find what to wear on the day. 
• Now is a good time to research accommodation for the guests. You may be able to get a better price at the venue if you place a block booking and remember if it’s a popular location there may be demand on the rooms. 
9 months to go 
• Decide how you are both going to travel to the wedding venue, investigate options and prices of hiring transportation for the event. 
• Research local florists and book an appointment to agree a theme, colour scheme and style. 
• Establish a local cake maker you want to use for the wedding cake and book an initial appointment. 
• Decide on the music you want to have at the evening reception (if you have decided the event will be going into the evening) 
8 Months to go 
7 months to go to your wedding day. 
• This is a great time to set up your wedding list, some couples have a wedding website with all the details on the day here rather than printing out guest invitations. 
6 months to go to your wedding day. 
• Check in with your photographer, videographer, venues, entertainment, and secure the date with them. 
• Contact your local registry office and give notice for the marriage. 
• Some couples now have a date with their photographer/videographer to see the venue and the kind of pictures required. 
• Book in with the hairdresser for a trial session, how are you and the bridesmaids going to have your hair done.. 
5 Months to go to your wedding day 
• The bride should book in with a make-up artist and have a trial of the make-up for the wedding day. 
• This is a good time for a fitting with the wedding dress, it’s better if you can stay at the same weight now to your wedding, but that’s not always possible. 
• Taster sessions for the wedding breakfast etc so you can choose your menu. 
• Liaise with the best man and maid of honour, planning needs to start on the hen and stag do’s 
4 months to go to your wedding day. 
• Confirm hotel accommodation for the family and the best man, grooms men, bridesmaids and other family members. 
• Write out your wedding vows if you are going create a personal message between each other. 
• Choose the music, hymns or songs for the wedding and any readings and who is going to read for you. 
3 months to go to your wedding day 
• Follow up on wedding invitations so you can confirm the numbers with the venue. 
• Start on the seating plan for the meal once you have had the confirmation of who is attending. 
• Confirm the timings for the florist, wedding cake maker and other suppliers on the day. 
• Check on the play list with the DJ or the band. 
• Start to nag anyone who is making a speech to get that completed. 
• Order thank you cards to send out after the wedding 
• Final fitting for the dress. 
The last couple of months – this gives you some time for the final touches and you have built in time for any late changes. Everything by now should be organised and booked, so you can relax and enjoy the run up to your special day. 
If you are looking for an entertainer for your wedding day, I am starting to take bookings for next year and would love to hear from you. 
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