Guess where I spent Christmas and New Year? I was really pleased to be booked aboard the P& O Azura for the Christmas and New Year break, sailing around the Caribbean - not only that, but I could take my wife with me! 
We joined the ship on Christmas Eve, having boarded a chartered flight from the UK and taken off the plane onto a bus and straight to the port. With a quick customs and passposrt check, we were on board having completely avoided having to go into the airport and our luggage was delivered from the plane direct to our cabin - luxury! The ship was decked out in Chrismas decorations and a real festive atmosphere was onboard. As my first show wasn't until the the 28th December, we had some time off to enjoy the islands and did some trekking through the rainforest in St Vincents and St Kitts as well as taking some time to dip our toes at St Maarten. 
Due to covid restrictions, I had to completely redesign my show as I wasn't allowed to get anyone on stage or give anything or take anything off of anyone. Also, all members of the audience had to wear face masks throughout the show and were not allowed to sit in the first two rows... Quite a challenge, but I was really pleased with the show - with plenty of variety and some great "wow" moments and the audience seemed to really enjoy it too. I tried out a couple of brand new routines in the show, including one where everyone took part which went down very well. 

New Year's Eve 

Then it was time for a few more days off with some days at sea which gave me a chance to rehearse for my second show which had some more new routines in it. New Years Eve was slightly strange as we celebrated it twice - once at 8pm, which was midnight in the UK due to the time difference and then once again at midnight in the Caribbean with a deck party, live band and plenty of singing, dancing and of course, drinking. 

The Second Show 

Traditionally my second show would be where I would try out some new material and normally slot a new piece in between a couple of more established pieces, but due to the restrictions mentioned before, this time more than 75% was new. The show went really well and I loved my new routines and will be definitely be keeping them in for the future. 

They call this working? 

We then had a few more free days before we left for the UK so managed to fit in some lovely trips around St Lucia, Grenada and Barbados. 
It was so lovely to be back on the cruise ships after such a long break and great to work in some new material. This has been one of the few good things to come out of the covid crisis. Sometimes it is easy to get comfortable doing what you have always done - after all if it isn’t broke, why fix it? But then the world changes and you have to adapt to go along with it. This meant me creating a brand new show that worked in an online environment and then making two new 45 minute shows that worked on the cruise ships. I have learnt lots along the way and am still working on new material (I have a brand new routine for my corporate shows that I can’t wait to try out) and look forward to performing on more cruise ships this year. Just want to give a quick shout out to my cruise agent Dean Partleton of Excellent Entertainment and P&O and especially the crew of the Azura for all their help to ensure that everything went smoothly. 
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