What an incredible weekend, literally from 2pm UK time on Saturday to late last night, this is the first year I have been able to attend the MINDvention, usually held in Las Vegas. The event was streamed over Facebook live and I can honestly say my head is literally buzzing with new ideas for my 2021 virtual shows. 
This virtual event was packed with lectures from some of the best mentalists in the world, with a Mindreading show each evening, unfortunely due to the time zones those didn’t start until 1am and by that point I was ready for my bed. 
Having been given this unique opportunity to attend the 2021 Virtual MINDvention, I made the most and visited every lecture available, all of the speakers were fabulous but I have highlighted a few that I enjoyed the most. 
Saturday night I attended an extraordinary lecture by Eric Samuels, he is a genius Canadian Mindreader and his performance career extends over, Radio Presenting, Stand-up comedy, a newspaper columnist and also an accomplished writer. I received his most recent book ‘Setting the Stage last week. 
It’s really difficult to choose a favourite part of the event, but I think it would have to be @Marc Paul, a British Mindreader, I consider him to be one of the best mindreaders in the world and is considered to be a Master Mentalist within the profession, he gave a brilliant lecture on Sunday afternoon, chock-a-block with ideas, which I am already starting to work on for my 2021 performances. 
Monday was another spectacular day with two of my favourites, the first on at 5.30pm, Chris Rawlins, he gave a superb lecture focussing on memory work.. 
Finally at 9.30pm last night, a superb lecture from a performer from this side of the water @colincloud, a brilliant Scottish mentalist, if you have 5 mins take a look at his performance on America’s Got Talent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu9GA-6lJ74  
He blew the audience away that night as he did at the MINDvention. 
It was a privilege to attend such a prestigious event and without lockdown and this being a virtual event, I doubt I would have gone this year. Although lock down brings so many challenges, it also can create unforeseen opportunities as I experienced this weekend. A massive thank you to the organisers from one very happy British Mentalist 
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