Walkabout entertainment is great for Christmas parties - whether they be company staff functions or client events at bars, function venues or even in the office. Here are six of my favourites. 

Walkabout Mindreading. 

Ok, I promise this blog is not "all about me", but walkabout mindreading really is a great option for any event, but especially at Christmas. It is flexible, adaptable, engaging, different and creates great reactions from the crowd. Reading and influencing minds, duplicating unseen drawings, making things move without them being touched and much more, this will really get the most jaded of audiences talking. Find out more here 

Judge The Poet 

Judge is the most unusual act I have ever come across - he is a "spontaneous poet". This means he will walk up to a group of people and ask them for four or five random words and immediately compose a poem on the spot containing those words that will make sense, be witty and rhyme. Every time I see him, I am in complete awe and I know your guests would be too. To find out more check out his website here

Sav the Magician 

Sav has been a very good friend of mine for more years than I can remember and there is no-one better for walkabout magic. His skills are superb but he looks very cool too. Often seen performing for the rich and famous and at various cool clubs throughout London, Sav is the ultimate party guest. Check out his website here


A good caricaturist is a great option for any gathering and my good friend Rick Coleman is one of the busiest and one of the best. He specialises in digital caricatures which can either be printed out at the event or sent by email to the "victims". Check out his website here

Silhoulette cutting. 

Charles Burns has taken a musty, long-forgotten art and reinvented it as an engaging entertainment for the twenty-first century. His equipment – a pair of scissors and a pocketful of paper – hasn’t changed since Jane Austen’s time. His skill and presentation, on the other hand, is unmistakably fresh and modern. Watching Charles cut a silhouette is an object lesson in hand-eye coordination - check out his website here


These guys are great - either providing stilt walking or crystal ball juggling, they are dressed entirely in silver (including silver face paint) and are a great talking point at any event. Crystal ball juggling is almost hypnotic to watch as the balls seem to glide about over their hands and arms all by themselves. They don't of course, it is tremendously skillful stuff but is a great addition to any event. Check out their website here 
So - six great options for walkabout entertainment this Christmas - or indeed at any time of the year. But dates are filling fast for December so book now to avoid disappointment. 
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