One of the things I most enjoy is creating something bespoke for my clients. 
Whether it be for a small group on a virtual zoom call or a large stage show for an awards event, clients seem to really appreciate something with their logos, products or company name featured. It makes the audience feel that the show was specially crafted for them and I really enjoy the creative process that goes into devising something amazing that will work in their event. 
I thought I would share a couple of simple ways that I can incorporate a company's name or logo into my virtual show 
Birthday Cards 
A pack of cards containing random photos (as shown in the top image) are mixed up according to the choices made by a spectator. A number of photos are eliminated leaving a selection of unconnected pictures. Unconnected until they are placed in a particular order when it is seen that the images on the cards represent letters which spell out the name of the person whose birthday it is. This is goes down very well as the name is not obvious but gradually the spectators "get it" as the photos start to make sense. Of course, instead of a name of a person, they could spell the name of a company, a product etc. 
Tic Tac Toe 
One of my favourite ideas where the spectators play a game of tic tac toe with each other - they get to decide to be O's or X's, who goes first and where every piece is placed in the grid. Finally the resulting grid has a huge surprise when each piece is turned over to see that there is a part of a picture on the back of each and the spectators have placed them all in exactly the right positions to reveal a picture. In the photos here is the image I tend to use in my standard shows, but I have done this with company logos, photos of the CEO and many more. During December I performed at a number of large virtual awards events and was asked to perform this particular piece with the celebrity hosts. When the pieces were turned over they revealed a photo of the host themselves! I did this for both Charlie Stayt from BBC breakfast and impressionist Rory Bremner and they loved it! 
Do as I do 
This is one of my favourite pieces to perform! Everyone is sent a pdf to print out at home. The page consists of four images, one in each quarter. The whole audience follow along with me as we randomly mix up the picturres, tear them in half and without looking randomly remove one half of one picture and put it in our pocket. We then mix all the rest of the pieces up and throw all of them away except one half. This is great fun as people are throwing paper balls all over the room and at each other. At the end people will have different halves of one of the pictures, depending on how they mixed them up and which they threw away - however, when they reach into their pocket, they find the other half of the picture they are holding! This is a great moment as you can hear the gasps from everyone as they all have managed to experience a moment of "magic" in their own homes. Again, this is ripe for customisation as the images on the pdf can be company products, logos, or whatever is most appropriate. This is a behind the scenes photo of my performing this routine for a virtual show at Christmas. 
Let me create somthing special for your next event! 
As I mentioned I love to perform mindreading that I can personalise. Over the years have built up a vast number of ideas which can be adapted to the needs of the client, so please do get in touch and let us see what I can do to make your next event obe which resonates with the guests.... 
Dates are filling fast, so don't leave it too late to ensure you get the time and date you want. 
Please get in touch now to check availability 
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