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Are you planning a FAM experience at your venue? 

Hosting a FAM event (familiarisation) trip is very popular in the travel industry and the events industry. Often Travel agents are invited to a venue to give them the hands-on experience to be able to sell the hotel or holiday destination onto their customers. 
FAM events in the hospitality and events sector do exactly the same thing. 

Why would you host a FAM event at your venue? 

Our industry has been through huge upheaval over the last 2 years with many venues having to close for the majority of the UK lock downs. In some cases, using this time to refurbish as the construction industry was allowed to continue, as long as it followed Covid policies. 
New concepts have been created, menus redesigned, packages re-built and new staff has joined event companies or have returned from furlough schemes and need to be brought back up to speed. 
Hosting a FAM event enables you to bring in these event professionals to experience your venue, refresh them in any changes and get them to have a ‘light touch’ of what you now have to offer. 

Why would you book entertainment for your FAM event? 

Making your FAM event memorable isn’t just about providing great food in a stunning environment, remember event planner and event professionals have to have vast knowledge of venues right across the region they work in and often national expertise and in some cases international knowledge. 
Providing an entertainer for the event, especially one that provides intrigue and fascination, can be a real talking point and helps to engage everyone and gets groups of people who may not know each other connecting and talking. 

What are the benefits for the entertainer? 

Providing free entertainment for a FAM event, allows the entertainer to get in front of new event planner and event professionals often with new routines or new content for their shows. It is a great opportunity to showcase their character and can give the guests a chance to find out more about what services the entertainer offers after the dinner in an informal setting. 
It also gives the venue a chance to see the entertainer perform live and then know they can recommend them onto their customers. 

What will be in the small print? 

I think its worth pointing out that most entertainers would have to take a paid event over a free FAM experience, so its always worth having a plan B or a back up plan, most entertainers would be happy to provide a back up service if they were available, especially if the venue offers free accommodation 

If you are starting to plan your FAM events for 2022, I would love to hear from you. 

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