Wednesday the 26th August was a very special day... 
Due to the Covid crisis I had decided to take my mindreading skills online. There were many questions I had to answer and problems to overcome. I quickly realised very early in my conversion to online that a normal cabaret show in front of a camera just doesn't work. Online is a completely new media and space to work in and while there were limitations, there were also many new possibilites! 
Taking my show online meant designing a show from the ground up and as well as being a performer, I had to now become a producer and lighting and video specialist as well! After months of learning and adapting I was finally ready to show the events world what I had to offer! 

It was an excellent show and, as I was when I saw you live, I am totally astounded by your magic, even a little freaked out. Sean (ARMA) 

Using multiple cameras, lighting, videos and music it is like a TV show that you can take part in, filled with moments of amazement and loads of audience participation - there are even a couple of times when the whole audience at home get to follow along with me and their faces as they have a "magical" experience in their own homes are a picture! 

Splendid show this afternoon, as always, many thanks for inviting me, will be happy to write or do a testimonial for you, the man who made Derren Brown go ‘wow!’ Nigel Kemp 

I ran three, full 40 minute shows at 10am, 3pm and 7pm to allow as many people to attend as possible and had clients from Vodafone, Amazon, Aviva, Zurich, PwC as well as loads of event agencies. During the shows I duplicated unseen drawings, made amazing predictions, read and influenced minds and even put my safety at stake! The reaction and feedback was superb - so much so that I have decided to run another day of showcases on the 15th September. These showcases are for event bookers and agents within the events industry so, if you would like to attend, please do get in touch and I can arrange an invitation. 
To find out more about the virtual mindreading show either get in touch or click here 
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