"What's the difference between magic and mindreading?" 

The main difference for me is that magic is doing clever stuff with things (cards, coins etc) whereas mindreading is doing clever stuff with people's minds. Because of this mindreading is seen as being more believable and "real" and is more hard hitting. Certainly it is more unusual and creates a great "buzz" at any event" 

"Is it suitable for kids?" 

“Although I don't perform any "adult" style material and the shows are suitable for all ages, the type of entertainemnt that I do is really most suited to an adult audience, although I have performed at teenager birthay parties with great success" 
Can you tailor your mindreading to incorporate company products , logos etc? 
“Absolutely! I love the creative process of designing routines which fit in with a theme and enjoy putting together proposals which illustrate how I can make an event personal and special, whether it be for a product launch or a birthday party" 
"How long does the show last for?" 
"My standard after dinner show is 45 minutes long, but it can be shortened or lengthened if desired. Often at an awards event, I will perform a short, 15 minute set to introduce the awards" 

"Is mindreading a good option for wedding entertainment?" 

“Mindreading works really well for weddings! Because it is fairly unusal, very few of the guests will have seen it before, so it creates a feeling or intrigue and curiosity that magic won't. Often when approaching people at a wedding or a party I will be met with someone saying "Oh I don't like magic!" When I explain that I am not a magician but a mindreader they can't wait to have a go!”  

"What is the best option for entertainment at a party?" 

“Walkabout mindreading and "weird stuff" is a great option for a party where everyone is standing around chatting and drinking - it creates a nice "buzz" and provides a great talking point. For a more formal dinner party, the after dinner show is a great option , where everyone gets to see a 45 minute show (normally during coffee) which provides a fitting finale to the dinner"  

"How much does the mindreading cost?" 

“The cost of the show varies depending on location, type of entertainment required and many more factors. The best bet is to fill out the contact form and I can get back to you with an accurate quote” 

"Do we need to provide a PA System?" 

“I have a small PA system which is fine for groups of up to 150, any bigger than that then yes, you would need to have a suitable PA System in place. I am also able to provide a larger system at an additional cost if required 

"What do we need to supply for the dark parlour?" 

“With the dark parlour I provide all the props, table cloth, candles etc. The venue needs to supply a 6 foot long table and five chairs" 

"How long is the Dark Parlour for?" 

“I normally run the dark parlour for four hours. The reason for this is that I normally find that so many people want to "have a go" that I have a queue all night long and by running it for four hours it gives more people a chance to take part”  

I have a question you haven't answered... 

“If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to get in touch and I'll get right back to you with an answer”  






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